Not ready to sell your business today? That's okay.

We offer services to get you more money when you are ready to sell your business.

Our goal is to help grow and transition industrial organizations to the next phase of their life.

​To do this successfully, we need to learn the goals of the ownership, management, and the team to help them achieve their vision and goals.

Fundamentally we need to come in to review, reposition, recapitalize the company pre, during, and post-succession.

We want to invest in companies like yours, to take the private stock and underwrite it to acceptable banking underwriting standards, to access more significant debt and equity into the company.

All while managing the fiduciary duties for the Company, Existing Management, and New Management.

We will outline your situation's scope in a mutually agreeable management agreement and board resolution with particular dates and targets.

With our help, you can end worrying about what happens when you want to retire, and:


$100K in 45min

We can help you find a minimum of $100K in your business in 45min without spending any money.


Less Time

We eliminate six months off your time to sell and increase your chance of a sale to 100% as we provide the service of an investment bank/broker, and we are the buyer.


Your People

We have a plan to help your people grow and thrive after you retire. We do not use employee firing to increase the bottom line, but we will write that legally.


Tax Saving on Business Sale

We have tax savings strategies to save operational and capital gains from a share/stock sale.



We can help design a growth, sales, marketing, and succession plan that will get you more money.


Legacy Preservation

We will preserve all the hard work you put into your business preserved as a legacy.


Local Market Domination

System for identifying blue ocean and market-dominating strategies to increase value and pricing.


Buyers, Not Brokers

We are not brokers; we are business buyers that understand you may not be ready to sell today, so we offer services to get you what you want; more money.