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How to Keep Employees from Leaving and How to Increase Productivity and Profit with Ronda Robinson

Ronda Robinson is a leading authority in reducing employee turnover and designing high-performing teams.

She provides actionable tips across the employee experience from hire to retirement. Ideal for leaders, HR, and talent acquisition.

  • DIAGNOSE: Discover the reasons for disengagement and turnover.

  • ALIGN: Design a talent strategy that supports the business strategy.

  • ATTRACT top talent: develop the right talking points to get your 1st choice candidates to say YES without competing on pay.

  • HIRE the right people for the right job. Accurately predict employee success by evaluating candidates for behavior fit.

  • INSPIRE employees by understanding universal triggers of human behavior. Learn the #1 power skill, leading with empathy, to increase productivity, innovation, engagement, and teamwork.

Ronda and her team's mission is to infuse more humanity into the workplace. Why? Everyone wins! Employees are happier, more productive, more creative, and more collaborative. In turn, companies earn more money and reduce turnover.

Rondo believes businesses should strive to understand the behavioral traits and characteristics they seek in specific roles to self-select out people who won't be a good fit. Additionally, they should rally behind their organizational purpose and mission and look for words that resonate with them as individuals to understand their motivation. Money can be a motivator, but it doesn't have to be life-changing or world-changing.

Ronda's program includes a diagnostic to identify the most significant pinch points in an organization, a timeline of when to take corrective action, and an engagement survey based on behavioral neuroscience and workforce productivity. It also prescribes prescriptive actions for the pain points that are the highest priority. In addition, Robinson recommends businesses pay attention to what their employees care about to foster a trusting culture.

Unfortunately, Gallup reported that 66% of the US workforce is disengaged, and 16% are actively disengaged. This costs businesses 18% of a person's salary in lost productivity. Business owners should look at their metrics to determine if they are maximizing their productivity and engagement and understand that it costs one-half to two times a person's salary to replace an employee.

Ronda also believes machine learning and artificial intelligence will not replace people but eliminate repetitive data work, allowing people to do more valuable work within an organization. Finally, businesses should pay people enough to survive, as happy employees tell others about their company and its reputation. Companies that practice talent optimization outpace their competitors by double digits.

Here are a few clips from the episode:

Ronda is available at and has an hour presentation on YouTube. She is happy to partner with people looking to do better for their employees. Her goal is to help businesses maximize productivity, maximize engagement, and be the best they can be by helping their people be the best they can be.

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