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As a 21-year metal industry worker.

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"I believe in being yourself, doing what you say you're going to do, and not making promises you can't keep."

From building small widgets to ATMs, buildings (ironworking), Euclid dump trucks, to industrial services.

Now, with a team wiser and more intelligent than me specializing in finance, sales, marketing, finding and keeping good people, culture, operations, systemization, government grants, and tax savings, we're uniquely positioned to help you.

My name is Greg Sheldon, and I have spent 21 years in the metals industry, driven by my passion for innovation and delivering exceptional customer service.

At 16 years old, Greg Sheldon knew he wanted to make an impact in the metals industry. Fast forward 21 years, he's worked on everything from building small widgets to constructing ATMs and even Euclid dump trucks. And with five years of management, Greg learned what people are all about.

Greg's real passion is innovation of all kinds.


Companies like McMaster-Carr, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., Tesla, SpaceX, and Amazon have all inspired him to think about how newer technologies can prepare the metals industry for the next generation of operators. That's why he founded Metal Merger Corp (MMC).

Our mission is to help founders exit with the most money possible while adopting new tech for people and operational success.

While MMC started as an innovation play in the metals sector, Greg and his team quickly realized that this was a "people play." They discovered that there aren't many options for founders to exit with as much money as possible, which is where MMC comes in. By pursuing mergers and acquisitions (M&A), they hope to gain market presence and knowledge while helping founders achieve their financial goals.

MMC's team has experience closing hundreds of deals, developing winning strategies, and taking a mediocre business and making it exceptional.


Greg is excited to see where the company will go next as they continue to make a splash in the trades and metals industry.

Benefits with us.

At Metal Merger Corporation (MMC), we understand that retirement and equity value growth are important concerns for business owners.


That's why we offer a unique opportunity for partners to have equity in our growing international company that will grow in value through M&A and going public.

We understand that cash flow can be challenging for some business owners, especially if they have real estate, making debt service difficult. That's why we offer the option to carve out and lease real estate to us.

We also provide liquidity for our partners by converting their remaining stock to public stock, giving them the opportunity for cash. And through our Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), we even offer equity positions to employees.

In certain cases, we can even provide tax and estate solutions to help with the transition. Our technique is proprietary and confidential, but we will share it with partners and clients when feasible.

Our model offers a smooth, steady, and risk-managed route to accessing capital while allowing business owners to retain full control of their operations.


It also incentivizes them to innovate and collaborate by tapping into complementary skills within the group and pursuing inorganic growth opportunities.

We support easing the transition and offer innovations internally and externally to provide shareholders with more value and to give MMC trusted advisor status, further propping up value and culture.

Core Values

  • Client, employee, and partner-focused

  • Building the best end-user experience possible based on what they want, not us

  • Trusted and transparent because we do what we say we're going to do

  • Overpromise and over-deliver

  • Always be innovating all aspects of the business

  • Ambassador to the industry and the people who built it over the past 100 years

  • We want to get shareholders the most value out of their business as possible and provide them liquidity when they want to retire

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I have a duty to the founders, people, and operators who raised me through my career to help them transition the best way possible while paying it forward to the people and the industry for its next 100 years of success.

Greg Sheldon

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