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We have many solutions, but first, it's important to share the benefits to you and your staff


Our Experience

With our experience amounting to 300 plus years and our vast network of professional services and expertise, we can get any deal, challenge, or innovation complete.

Benefits with MMC

  • Retirement equity value growth, cash flow, and liquidity

    • Equity value growth - Partners will get the benefit of having equity in our growing international company that will be growing in value by M&A and going public.

    • Cashflow - In some cases, business owners have real estate that can account for 50 to 60% of the valuation, making debt service difficult; they can carve it out and lease it to us.

    • Liquidity - Liquidity will be provided by their remaining stock converting to public stock, giving them the opportunity for cash.

  • Employees get an equity position in MMC via an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

  • Given the right circumstances, we can provide tax and estate solutions if and where possible. Our technique is proprietary and confidential and will only be revealed to partners and clients when deemed feasible.

  • Achieve operational and balance sheet scale instantly, providing access to larger contracts and clients whose strict procurement guidelines usually preclude SMEs from the bidding process.

  • A smooth and steady risk-managed route to accessing capital while allowing business owners to retain full control of their operations.

  • Business owners are incentivized, through their equity interests and a transparent earn-out structure, to innovate and collaborate by tapping on to complementary skills within the group.

  • Business owners are also able to pursue inorganic growth opportunities under our model.

  • The central holding company offers corporate functions support to ease the transition.

  • Innovations internally and externally provide shareholders more value, plus this will give our clients, and MMC trusted advisor status, again, propping up value and culture.

Core Values

  • Client, employee, and partner-focused

  • Building the best end-user experience possible based on what they want, not us

  • Trusted and transparent because we do what we say we're going to do

  • Overpromise and over-deliver

  • Always be innovating all aspect of the business

  • Ambassador to the industry and the people who built it over the past 100 years

  • We want to get shareholders the most value out of their business as possible and provide them liquidity when they want to retire