Metal business owners; do you have any of the following problems?

You want to sell to someone who loves the industry, but can't find someone who loves it as you do. You want to add another cashflow source to your retirement, but not totally clear on how to do it. Your net worth isn’t growing without you working for it. Like everybody else, you want bigger discounts but aren't sure where to find them. You want to know without a doubt your people will be taken care of even when you're not there. You want all the value that you have created to stay intact in your legacy. We provide solutions for all of these and more.


What does MMC do?

We provide a share value increase strategy for metal business shareholders (metal distribution, metal service centers, and metal product manufacturing) and a unique opportunity to create a clear exit plan from their business for the short term or the long term. Our goal is to partner with many companies in North America and bring them all together to innovate all aspects like technology, people, finances, trade training, sales, marketing, finishes, treatments, and products.

Stainless Steel

If you're interested in getting more value out of your business, improving the industry, and taking care of your employees when you are retired, here's what I want you to do...

Fill the form below, and let's have a conversation so we learn about you and your goals, then our team can demonstrate how we create more share value and liquidity in your business

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